Scholars and Courses

PhD Research Scholars 

Zuk  Nechemia Turbovich (Awarded) 
Topic/ Area of Research: Design Methodology for Product Designers in the Context of Personal 3D Printing.

Alon Weiss (Thesis submitted) 
Topic/ Area of Research: WIT–‘What Ideality Tool’ for Product Design Briefs Utilizing Biomimetic Principle.

Sachin Shivaji Jadhav
Topic/ Area of Research: Product Service System Design for Organized Plumbing in Domestic Sector.

Soumen Das
Topic/ Area of Research: Design Management in Pre-school Business in Indian Context.

Kiran Kumari Mahato
Topic/ Area of Research: Design for Development: Tool Design for Traditional Handicraft Industries.

Abhishek Singh
Topic/ Area of Research: Design Strategy for Successful Implementation of Smart City Projects

Gaurav Vinodrao Vaidya
Topic/ Area of Research:  Product Design Semantics in the Context of Indian Society and Culture  

Abhijit Kakati
Topic/ Area of Research:  Affordable Medical Devices for Community Medicine


DD 504 Design Methods
DD 510 Creativity Innovation and Design Management
DD 312 Systems Approach to Design
DD 320M Product Planning and Strategy
DD 410M Design Management