Scholars and Courses

PhD Research Scholars 

Zuk  Nechemia Turbovich (Awarded) 
Topic/ Area of Research: Design Methodology for Product Designers in the Context of Personal 3D Printing. ( Co-guided with Prof. Amarendra Kumar Das)

Alon Weiss (Awarded) 
Topic/ Area of Research: WIT–‘What Ideality Tool’ for Product Design Briefs Utilizing Biomimetic Principle. ( Co-guided with Prof. Amarendra Kumar Das)

Sachin Shivaji Jadhav
Topic/ Area of Research: Product Service System Design: An Integrated Perspective in Developing a Service Process for E-commerce of Domestic Plumbing

Soumen Das
Topic/ Area of Research: Design Management in Pre-school Business in Indian Context.

Kiran Kumari Mahato
Topic/ Area of Research: Design for Development: Tool Design for Traditional Handicraft Industries.

Shimmila Bhowmick
Topic/ Area of Research: Explorations on Body-Gesture based Object Selection on HMD based VR Interfaces for Dense and Occluded Dense Virtual Environments

Abhishek Singh
Topic/ Area of Research: Design strategies for unorganized retails to compete with emerging markets of smart cities in India

Gaurav Vinodrao Vaidya
Topic/ Area of Research:  Shaping Emotions: An Emotive Form Design Framework for Emotional Disconnect Identification and Creativity Enhancement

Leeladhar Ganvir
Topic/ Area of Research:  Design Strategy for Home Automation in Indian Multicultural Context

Kratika Piparsania
Topic/ Area of Research: Characterization of residential sector in cold climate and roadmap for improved thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Shaik Sofia Rani
Topic/ Area of Research: Investigating the Impact of Energy Efficient and Environment-Friendly LGP Operated Porous Radiant Burners and Methanol based Canister-stove on Nations Economy and Living standard of the mankind.


DD 504 Design Methods
DD 510 Creativity Innovation and Design Management
DD 311 Systems Approach to Design
DD 411 Design and Entrepreneurship
DD 320M Product Planning and Strategy
DD 410M Design Management